Oscilloscope Training Course - Scotland Ticket

Oscilloscope Training Course - Scotland Ticket

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Successful diagnostic technicians need intelligence, analytical skills, drive, dedication, passion & an ever-growing love for their career choice. These key elements paired with the ability to extract information and leverage the full potential of any diagnostic equipment makes the possibilities almost limitless.

When using oscilloscopes in the diagnostic process, our own imagination is defining what limits us. This class is designed to help remove some of those limits & Show you a deep insight into the fundamentals and possibilities that can be achieved using an oscilloscope.

If you understand most automotive systems, know your way around the basic functions of Picoscope and you would like to unleash the full power of Picoscope or your own oscilloscope then this class is for you.

We welcome you to join us as we will be discussing reference waveforms, view ports, dual time bases, measuring tools, math channels, deep measure, custom probes, advanced triggers & pressure analysis signature.

The course will be presented by world renowned USA instructors Brin Kline and Brian Culotta, you may have seen or heard of them from recent magazines articles or online via social media as these are both esteemed members of Trained by Techs. Both class instructors are universally recognized in the automotive industry in both the US & soon to be UK.

All are welcome regardless of the scope platform your currently using or the experience level however due to the limitations of some oscilloscopes this training course will be based around Picoscope to show you the full potential of what you can achieve.

Were going to have a great time and we look forward to seeing each and everyone of you there!

lunch will be provided as well as course notes to take home in paper format.

Places are strictly limited so please book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Due to the current climate, any guidelines released by the government or that are in place at the time of the course will be followed in accordance with the recommendations of their respective government.

Start: End – 9:00am – 5pm

Venue – Bosch Training Centre, Motherwell, Scotland.

Date – 20th July 2022