AESWave - Engine Performance Diagnostics by ScannerDanner
AESWave - Engine Performance Diagnostics by ScannerDanner

AESWave - Engine Performance Diagnostics by ScannerDanner

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ScannerDanner (aka Paul Danner) says:

I hate engineer written flow charts!

These are step-by-step procedures that some pencil pusher thinks is the best way to troubleshoot...They are never written with speed in mind. How could they be when half of them start off with disconnecting the computer and the sensor and checking the wire for opens and shorts? Do they realize that step one could take more than a half hour to just get to the computer?  This is ridiculous!

There has to be a better way! 

Well, I have found a better way and I want to share it with you.

I developed these techniques over the past 20-years performing and teaching driveability diagnostics and computer systems troubleshooting; first, as a mobile tech in the South Hills area of Pittsburgh and now as an instructor at Rosedale Technical Institute near Pittsburgh, PA.

Some of my methods are a little unorthodox, but if used correctly there is no faster or more accurate method for troubleshooting computer systems than what I have outlined in this book.  My approach gives you the foundation of testing methods and precepts that can be widely applied, not only  to engine management systems, but also, all of a vehicle's computer controlled systems. This includes, but is not limited to, transmission controls, body controls, anti-lock brake systems, and climate controls. 

Do I still use engineer written flow charts? Of course, but only as a guide and almost never literally.

Maybe someday engineers will wake up and figure out that some of us can handle more information than what they are providing. Until then, you must develop a more complete understanding of sensors and circuit designs.  My book will help you do that.

Once you understand these fundamentals explained in my book you will be able to troubleshoot ANY computer controlled system, not just a fuel injection computer.  I even fixed my furnace at home using these same principles!

Think of this book as your "toolbox" of testing methods, a comprehensive field manual to fast and accurate results; divided into 24 sections, each section stands on its own and does not need to be followed in any particular order.

Each section includes a variety of circuit diagrams, photos, scope screenshots, scan tool screenshots, good & bad waveform and scan graph comparisons, and links to videos related to the topic of the section.

Additionally, links to over 50 ScannerDanner videos are included which explore the content of the book in more detail.

ScannerDanner's Engine Performance Diagnostics is 200-pages, coil bound, each page printed on 8-1/2 x 11-inch, black & white printing.

This book is the printed version of ScannerDanner's ebook

Table of Contents (200 pages total)

Section Pages Topic
1 1-15 Universal Testing Methods
2 1-15 Switch Inputs
3 1-15 Transistor Drivers and Output Solenoids
4 1-11 Oxygen Sensors and Fuel Trim
5 1-13 Oxygen Sensor Testing
6 1-9 Thermistors
7 1-8 Potentiometers
8 1-5 Pressure Sensors
9 1-3 The 5 Volt Reference Circuit
10 1-4 Signal Circuit Integrity Testing
11 1-3 Substituted Values
12 1-9 Airflow Sensors
13 1-4 Types of Fuel Injection
14 1-5 Fuel Delivery Designs
15 1-10 Fuel Pump Electrical Circuits
16 1-8 Fuel Pressure Testing
17 1-4 Fuel Injector Driver Designs
18 1-13 Fuel Injector Testing
19 1-3 No Injector Pulse, No Start Problems
20 1-15 Idle Speed Controls
21 1-17 Ignition System Inputs
22 1-13 No Start, No Spark Problems
23 1 No Start, Good Spark and Injector Pulse Condition
24 1-5 EGR System Problems
25 1-2 Common Terms and Abbreviations
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Gary F.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Amazing service

Absolutely brilliant service fast delivery even tho the book was on back order Thank you Gary Fear

Martin K.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


Excellent book. Danner is the master who writes complex methods in easy to understand way . His lectures are so engaging and follows the book exactly

Dave B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Best book you could buy.

Being a scanner danner premium member it made sense to buy the book as well. Well happy!