AESWave - Phil's Electrical Piercing Probe
AESWave - Phil's Electrical Piercing Probe
AESWave - Phil's Electrical Piercing Probe
AESWave - Phil's Electrical Piercing Probe
AESWave - Phil's Electrical Piercing Probe

AESWave - Phil's Electrical Piercing Probe

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Phil Fournier, NAPA Tech of the Year, and now Probe Master!

This probe ends the frustration encountered with previous piercing probes. Designed and tested by a techncian for technicians.

* Long reach = 11-inches
* Pierces wires from 10 to 18 gauge
* Banana socket connection or use an alligator clip right on the shaft just below the handle
* 5 piercing pins ensure good connection
* One-handed operation

What's NEW about Phil's Piercing Probe
1- The shaft is constructed of a thicker wall. Earlier versions used thinner material that tended to crack and break
2- The tip is a little bigger than before. Even though the tip tapers to a point it is takes a steady hand to separate wires that are tightly packed together.

To keep you probe working over the long hual we suggest you do the following:
1- When this probe is piercing a wire you should support its weight and do not let it hang. The long probe will act as a lever which puts excess force on the needles and delicate tip possibly damaging the probe. We suggest you securely anchor the probe to some stationary object with masking tape, rubber band, etc.
2- This probe is spring loaded and pierces the wire on it's own. Trying to force the needles into a wire could damage the probe.
3- Do not drop it.
4- Do not let anyone else use it! Borrowers can be abusers!

The Phil's Probe is designed to be used only on low voltage DC circuits such as the 12 volt DC automotive system circuits. DO NOT use on house or building type high voltage A/C (alternating current) circuits as an extreme shock hazard is present.

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Germany Germany

Unfortunately never received goods

Never got a chance to test it out . Item never arrived. Wasn't able to contact seller.

Eddie H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Phil's Electrical Piercing Probe

Fantastic product, great for auto electrical testing when you need to pierce a wire in hard to access locations. Does very little damage to insulation but makes good contact. Highly Recommend

C C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Love it.

I had been waiting for a while for this to be available in the uk at a decent price, could not fault Ryan's service, kept me informed throughout. the probe itself is second to none, positive connection every time and with a choice of how to connect to it, if you are looking for a piercing probe, this is the one!

Andrew M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


This product is worth every penny and ryans service is 2nd to none if your on the fence about this phils probe get one bought brilliant kit

Gary W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Phil’s Probe

I’ve been waiting so long for this great product to be available in the UK Highly recommend for those hard to access wires. 100% positive connection every time. Great product from AES and great service from Ryan at Elite