AESWave | Pressure Waveform Acquisition and Analysis from the Inside Out by Brandon Steckler

AESWave | Pressure Waveform Acquisition and Analysis from the Inside Out by Brandon Steckler

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Leverage the power of pressure transducers to take your lab scope "inside" the engine.

This manual includes 357 color pages of class slides and notes from Brandon Steckler's popular transducer class: Pressure Waveform Acquisition and Analysis from the Inside Out. He has presented this 8-hour class throughout the USA and UK.

Grab this book and get "inside" the engine with Brandon as you watch a condensed version of his class that was recorded for CTI (Carquest Technical Institute) with Brin Kline and Adam Robertson. A link to this hour long video will be emailed after the purchase of the manual. 

List of topics touched on in the manual and covered in the 8-hour class: 

• Why is it a vital to learn to use a pressure transducer?
• What can pressure transducers do for us?
• What is a pressure transducer?
• What is the difference between absolute and delta transducers?
• What is In-cylinder compression waveform analysis?
• How do I use a Piston Chart?
• What is tailpipe waveform pulse analysis?
• What is Crankcase/cooling system pulse analysis?
• Why is Data Storage important?
• What is the importance of networking?

…and also includes 14 real world case studies with specifics of root cause analysis demonstrate Brandon's logic and strategy.

Pressure Waveform Acquisition and Analysis from the Inside Out by Brandon Steckler.
The printed manual is 357-pages, 8-1/2" x 11" coil bound, full-color printing. 

Available in print only.

Table of Contents
What is a Pressure Transducer?
Types of Pressure Transducers
Pressure Transducer Application
Anatomy of a Waveform
Using Cursors to Aid in Analysis
Valve Clearance Issues
Advanced Exhaust Camshaft
'08 Honda Odyssey
Restricted Catalyst
Late Intake Camshaft
Broken Timing Belt
Variable Valve Timing
Anatomy of the Waveform
Valve Overlap via Intake
Tailpipe Waveform
Washed Down Cylinder Walls
Valve Overlap via Tailpipe
Auxiliary Tooling – The Piston Chart
Calculation Software
Using the Cursors
Generalized vs Pinpoint Testing
Case Studies
‘03 Buick Century 3.1L
‘99 Cadillac Misfire
‘14 Equinox 2.4L
’03 Jeep 3.7L
’03 Toyota 3.0L – VVT
’04 Cadillac STX 4.6L – Misfire
’04 Chevy Trailblazer 4.2L – Misfire after Machine Work
’04 Ford Escape 3.0L – Turbulent Misfire
Chevy Pickup 4.8L – Pumped-up Intake Lifters
’03 Chevy Corvette 5.7L – Squeak-Squeak
’13 Honda Civic – VTEC Rocker Failure
’03 Chevy Venture 3.4L VTEC Rocker Failure
’03 F250 5.4L – “Rabbit Hole Diagnostics”
’07 Jeep 4.7L – Restricted Catalyst
Proper Data Acquisition
Data Storage