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CarScope i-Tester

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Portable Engine Test Tool

CarScope I-Tester is essentially a specialized type of engine analyser. It is a complex, multi-function tool, which can help to diagnose and find engine problems. I-Tester could be used with both gasoline and Diesel-powered vehicles. Currently, its main mode is a relative compression test but several automated diagnostic tests are upcoming with future firmware updates!

No oscilloscope knowledge skills needed. You can skip the training and set-up time of an ordinary oscilloscope and get directly to a quick, precise engine analysis.

 Relative Compression Test

This test is only a comparison between cylinders so we can use this method to "see" if we have a cylinder(s) with low compression relatively to the rest. 

Relative compression is the fastest, simplest way to find a low compression cylinder. This test has previously been available only on large and expensive diagnostic systems, requiring a laptop and oscilloscope. Now its easier than ever - with the new CarScope I-Tester that combines both functions - the relative compression test and automatic waveform analysis. So, the final results are displayed in and easy to understand format.

You do not have to check each individual cylinder, all cylinders can be tested in one go. CarScopr I-Tester works on 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12-cylinder cars, 4 stroke, Diesel and gasoline engines, DOS, conventional and coil-on-plug systems.

Cylinder Synchronization

By hooking up a second probe to either the ignition or an injector, you can follow the firing order/injection sequence and know exactly which cylinder is which.

Important Note:

Because of the lithium-ion battery shipping restrictions, we do not include CR2032 lithium-ion battery inside the post packages! When you receive your tester, you have to buy a Li-ion battery type CR2032 yourself and put it into the battery holder socket inside the CarScope I-Tester. To do so, you should unscrew and remove four screws to open the bottom cover. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.