AC/DC Current Clamp CA-600

AC/DC Current Clamp CA-600

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600 amperes high current AC/DC Current Clamp

The model CA-600 clamp adapter is transducer which will allow your oscilloscope, motortester or multimeter to measure electrical current up to 600 amperes, both types AC or DC, with a frequency response up to 400 Hz.
In use for measuring current with this clamp adapter, there is not need to break into the circuit or disturb the isolation as the opening jaws simply clamp around the current carrying conductor. No electrical contact is required.

Jaws Opening Capability: max 30mm conductor; 
Low battery indicator: Red LED lightning; 
Operating environment: 0°C to +50°C, at <70 % R.H. 
Storage environment: -20°C to +60°C, 0...80 % R.H. 
Battery type: 9V DC, 6F22; 
Battery life: 100 hors typical; 
Size: 178 mm X 70 mm X 33 mm;
Weight: 290g;
Output: Coil cable with 4 mm banana plug

The CA-600 current clamp is supplied with 4mm (banana) plug type connectors so can not be plugged directly into the mScope or AutoScope Easy. To connect to them we recommend using an adaptor from BNC to 4mm plug.

Electrical (at 20°C, 70 % R.H. maximum)

Range: 0 – 600 A; AC or DC max.

Output: 0 to 600mV (AC and DC). Transfer rate: 1 mV = 1 A.

Current Clamp Accuracy:
0 ~ 600 A, DC: ± (2%+2A)
0 ~ 400 A, AC: ±(2%+2A)
400 ~ 500 A, AC: ±(3%+2A)
500 ~ 600 A, AC: ±(6%+2A)

This product complies with the requirements of the following European Community Directives: 89/336/EEC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and 73/23/EEC (Low voltage) as amended by 93/68/EEC (CE marking); Overvoltage category II 300V.
  • Display starter current waveforms;
  • Display charging currents;
  • For performing of quick compression tests.