Automotive Resistance Substitution Box

Automotive Resistance Substitution Box

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Device is useful for simulation, inspection and testing applications of all car resistor type sensors.

Many of the sensors found in the modern day cars are resistor typed. Resistor type sensors are such sensors that change their resistance when the physical value they control has changed. Anyone who has ever worked in the auto diagnostics sector has come across the necessity of having a suitable resistance in order to check the efficiency of a sensor or the whole system that includes the sensor.

A Automotive Resistor Substitution Box is a unit containing resistors of many differant resistance values, with three mechanical switches which allow any one of various discrete resistances offered by the box to be dialed in. This automotive type box offers a convenient way of selecting and quickly changing resistance values without the need to attach resistors in series one by one. 

The Automobile resistor simulator is a very useful tool for simulating, checking and testing all kinds of resistances found in an automobile. you can choose between a wide range of resistance values from 5 ohms to 30,000 (30Kohm)

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Mr m.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Great service

I ordered the resistance box after having seeing it on YouTube, it arrived the next day and unbelievably I had to use it on the same type of Volkswagen transporter as the one in the video demonstrating it. Great tool, really came in useful. Thanks

Tom B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Simulating sensors easily

Highly accurate resistance tool. Great use for most vehicle sensors.