DITEX | Pressure Diagnostic Sensor PDS500x
DITEX | Pressure Diagnostic Sensor PDS500x
DITEX | Pressure Diagnostic Sensor PDS500x
DITEX | Pressure Diagnostic Sensor PDS500x

DITEX | Pressure Diagnostic Sensor PDS500x

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100 µS ultra-fast response time, affordable automotive pressure transducer

When price, performance and accuracy matter, there is nothing that compares to the Ditex PDS500x Automotive Pressure Transducer. Everyone can be able to have one at a remarkably affordable price - nothing compares to the PDS500x! It is an extremely powerful high-resolution tool offering accurate, stable and reproducible results.

PDS500x works with all modern automotive and industrial oscilloscopes, and it is not limited to the Ditex CarScope series lab scopes. Lab scopes with banana inputs require an additional Bananas to BNC adapter.

Usually each diagnostic test requires different pressure transducer but the PDS500x eliminates this need by giving you one ultra-high-resolution transducer that can be used for an analysis on many automotive systems. With a wide pressure measurement range, resistant to corrosive environments, 3x pressure overload, with compact and durable housing, the PDS500x is the cost-effective solution for pressure analysis.

It features an extremely fast 100 µS response time from 10% to 90% of full scale. This allows an accurate measurement of rapidly changing signals within a broad pressure range.

PDS500A is an absolute pressure transducer which means that with normal atmospheric pressure applied to the absolute sensor, there will be an output voltage which corresponds to approximately 14.5 psi (1 bar) at sea level. In short, there will be around 290 mV bias being produced by the sensor when the unit is not connected anywhere.

It is possible to order a conversion factor other than the specified one. For example: 500 psi = 5 V or 34.5 bar = 3.45 V

Note: This set does not include adapters for petrol or diesel engines in-cylinder pressure testing and fuel pressure testing. Additional adapters and extensions are available in the complete kit.


Included In The Set Is Below:

  • PDS500A Automotive Pressure Transducer

  • Dual function cable:
    Power supply - 2“ crocodile” type clips
    Oscilloscope electrical connection - BNC connector

  • Thread adapter for pressure connection
    G 1/4 male to 1/8"-27 female NPT (USA only)
    For quick couplers such as Foster 2 series, as well as other quick couplers with 1/8-27 NPT thread.

  • Thread adapter for pressure connection
    1/4"-19 BSPP Male to 1/8"-28 BSPT Female brass adaptor (Rest of the world)
    This adapter is needed when using the quick couplers provided in the Advanced Pressure Diagnostic Kit.  

  • Mini industrial quick coupling adapter with the world's most popular profile in this nominal diameter.
    Rectus Series 21KA, Rectus Series 90KA, Camozzi 5000 Couplings, Legris 21, NORGREN 233 Series, CEJN 223 Series, DIXON BR Series, TOMCO SC Series, Festo KD3/KS3, Kee 050 Series, EWO, KANI ....

Note: Additional adapters and extensions are also available in the Advanced Pressure Diagnostic Kit.