Mechanic Mindset - PicoScope For Automotive

Mechanic Mindset - PicoScope For Automotive

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2204A or 4425A, Supercharge your PicoScope automotive diagnostics!

PicoScope is one of the most popular oscilloscopes available. However, most people are not using the PicoScope software to its full potential! There is so much power locked away in unknown features.

In this PicoScope training, we cover EVERYTHING, from the absolute basics, all the way to the most advanced features including trigger, math channels, masks and alarms.

More importantly, we look at how to apply all the PicoScope features to automotive diagnostics.

It doesn't matter which PicoScope oscilloscope you have; this course applies to all of them. We complete most of the course with the PicoScope 6 software and there are PicoScope 7 lessons too.

The PicoScope 7 software is still in development, but as a BONUS we will add our Intro To PicoScope 7 training too! Everything you learn applies to both versions of PicoScope.

The courses includes practical activities you can complete at your laptop; no scope needed!
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What's Included?

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Access & FREE Updates
  • PicoScope For Automotive Training
  • BONUS 1: Intro To PicoScope 7 Training
  • BONUS 2: Live Oscilloscope Training
  • Mechanic Mindset Community Access
  • Completion Certificates