Pressure Pulse Sensor
Pressure Pulse Sensor
Pressure Pulse Sensor

Pressure Pulse Sensor

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This tool offers a fast and accurate method to diagnose engine problems. Commonly used to verify the mechanical condition of the engine before mechanical repair is carried out.

Since 2004 a worldwide use of the so called Pressure Pulse Sensors - PPS in the automobile diagnostics started.

In normal operation of the internal combustion engines pulse waves of pressure are generated in various systems. All engine produce such waves and their shape is predictable. All Engines produce a predictable pattern of these pulses so any change in the shape or appearance of asymmetry of these pulses can indicate a problem with the engine. PPS detects such faults as burnt valves, bad injectors and other performance problems without major disassembly of the engine. To visualize the waveform of the output signal of the PPS, its electrical part is connected to an oscilloscope and the mechanical part connected to the system the technician is testing. The oscilloscope will show in real time the work of the valves, cylinders, injectors and by synchronizing to a known cylinder the user can identify cylinder specific problems. The technician can therefore quickly and accurately determine the actual condition of the engine. The Pressure Pulse Sensor does not require a addition external power supply and it can be used with most modern digital storage oscilloscopes. 

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Jason M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Ditex pressure pulse sensor

Next day delivery from Elite Diagnostic Solutions. Item was ordered to be used with a picoscope oscilloscope. Quality built item and easy to use with picoscope oscilloscope. Fantastic service.

simon l.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Fantastic piece of kit

easy to set up and lovely clear capture

Greg, D.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Great job

Very good service

Gary W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Pressure pulse sensor

The best £80 you’ll spend for finding those faults that evade others. If you’ve got a scope you need one of these Great product from Ditex & great service from Ryan at Elite.

Simon M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Awesome bit of kit.

Service was great, with excellent communication and customer support. Highly recommend the pulse sensor comes in handy more than I ever thought.