Topdon Phoenix ELITE
Topdon Phoenix ELITE
Topdon Phoenix ELITE
Topdon Phoenix ELITE
Topdon Phoenix ELITE
Topdon Phoenix ELITE

Topdon Phoenix ELITE

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The Phoenix Elite is a professional diagnostic scanner that offers OE-level quality. This tool provides fast and precise diagnostic capabilities with an LCD 10.1” screen, 4-Core 2.0 GHz Processor, and Android 10.

Its "Topology" feature lets technicians have a clear picture of the vehicles systems and quickly find communication issues or identify trouble codes.

This tool can perform cloud-based programming for new ECU module installation for BMW, Mercedes, VW, Audi, SEAT & Skoda, active tests, coding, initialisations, memory resets for all brands and much more.


Connect to the newest vehicles and technology; The Phoenix Elite meets all the latest requirements for vehicle network communication.

  • The Phoenix Elite comes with an updated VCI compatible with the CAN FD protocol, making this a must-have device to work on the most modern cars.

All data in one view

  • Topology map granting a clear picture of related vehicle systems and status-clearly defined CAN network layout.

  • Diagnose communication issues in one glance

  • Colour-coded mapping of each module communication status

  • Active tests, special functions, coding, initialisation, and memory resets

Guided procedures for VAG vehicles

  • Step by step guided diagnostic process, based on code, for VW and Audi Group Vehicles.

Expand coverage to include ADAS calibrations

  • Not just a diagnostics tool, The Phoenix Elite allows you to expand your abilities.  By upgrading your license with ADAS calibration functions and adding the necessary targets, you can turn your high-performance scan tool into an ADAS system calibration station. You are creating a whole new revenue stream for your workshop.

Pre-scan and post-scan reporting

  • Show and prove the before and after reports. The Phoenix Elite pre-scan and post scan feature allows the technician to record the codes before repair. This allows submission to the customer or insurance company for repair approval. Once the repair is complete, the codes can be cleared, and a post scan report can be run to show all codes are clear and the vehicle has a clean bill of health.

Vehicle Auto VIN and Autodetect

  • You no longer need to select the year, make and model. The Phoenix Elite can automatically capture the vehicle's VIN number and determine all relevant information to auto-populate the car. Saving the technician time and preventing mistakes.



Display: LCD 10.1-Inch, 1280 * 800 - Processor: CPU 4-Core Processor, 2.0 GHz - System: Android 10.0 - RAM: 4G - ROM: 64G - Battery: 12000 mAh / 3.8V

VCI CONNECTOR - New protocol supported: CANFD


1 x Phoenix Elite - 1 x VCI Dongle - 1 x OBDI Adapter BOX Transfer Line - 1 x OBDII Extension Cable - 1 x Type-C to USB Cable - 1 x Power Adaptor - 10 x Non-16pin Adaptor Cable Kit (NN-14+16, BZ-38, TA-17, TA-22, G/V-12, B-20, CR-6, HA-3, M/H-12+16, FT-3) - 1 x BMW F-Chassis Programming Cable